Ten years ago an album landed in the CD trays of the British public that changed pop music forever. An album of such transcendental power it would go on to collect accolades the world over and in turn become woven into the fabric of everyday society. That album was “Whatever People Say I Am, I Am Not”, by the Arctic Monkey’s. What few people realise is that the following week, a more modestly received but nonetheless enjoyable record “We Are Not The Infadels” was released. And yes, while it’s creators did not go on to bed celebrities or hang out with Josh Homme, they still managed to find themselves a special place in the heart of a select few (mainly in the Netherlands) while convincing enough people it would be a really good idea to release another record...and another.
Today we are here to talk about the first one, the one you’ve probably heard of, “We Are Not The Infadels” which is being lovingly re-released courtesy PIAS / Wall Of Sound. This new edition will contain a host of great remixes, demos and unreleased tracks that would later go on to make up the finished record. This accompanying website serves as kind of a time capsule to those halcyon days and provide some background as to how the record came to be and some amusing tales that surrounded it. It will also keep you up to date on what guys are up to now. So for now, dust off that old air horn, dig out that old acid smiley and revel in neo-rave 2006 nostalgia.

Infadels / We Are Not The Infadels

10 Year Anniversary Edition - out 18/11/16 Available digitally from iTunes, Google Play, Deezer